The Very catalogue is the new name for the old littlewoods direct catalogue. Very has proved to be very successful since its launch just over a year ago. The product range has been increased, and there are now thousands of items to purchase, either directly from the web site, or from the normal catalogue, which can be ordered and delivered free of charge. Many celebrity endorsements for the clothing ranges have seen these clothes fly off the shelves, and the new ranges have been well received by the customers. The very online catalogue has the backing of the shop direct group who own many of the most popular and well known catalogue brands on the internet such as additions direct and littlewoods. They have tremendous buying power which enables them to offer goods at lower prices than the rest of their competitors. They also specialise in customer satisfaction, which is probably the most important part of selling anything.

If you can gain trust from buyers then they will keep buying from you, and you will gain repeat custom. Very catalogue is geared for just this, and the interactive features on the website help to emphasise this point. You can quickly find any type of product from all the various departments with just a few clicks of the mouse. Speed is the big factor, and organising everything in a logical manner is the key to more sales and ultimately more profits at the end of the year. Online catalogue shopping is big business in the UK, and the market is very fierce with established catalogue retailers like argos, and newcomers such as tesco direct and asda direct now selling a wide and varied amount of products and services at very low prices. Very focus more on clothing and new fashion than the rest, and they have a much larger range of products than most of the other catalogues. It is always a good idea to focus on your strengths, and very have done a good job of this in the past, and no doubt for the foreseeable future.

The delivery options are very good as well, with fast and efficient service that runs like clockwork most of the time. Regular price discounts and special offers occur every month, and it is much easier to update the website with these offers than it is to change the paper version of the catalogue. This is why they only deal online, they can keep the site fresh and exciting with minimal outlay.

Very catalogue delivery

Most of the clothing and fashion items can be delivered next day, or on a nominated day of your choosing providing the item is in stock. The cost for delivery next day is 3.95, with nominated day delivery costing 6.95. You can also nominate delivery for a Saturday for extra convenience. Bigger items such as cookers and washing machines cost 6.95 for delivery, and you will be told the expected time for delivery when you place your order. Very also have collect plus points, which is similar to the very popular argos click and collect service. This basically means you can pick up small goods from a location near to you. Using this service is free, so you save on delivery charges. Returns are also free, and you can do this by taking your goods to your nearest collect plus store.

The very account

The very online account is a way of getting access to more special offers and deals, and paying for your goods over extended periods of time. At present you can get 10% off your first purchase if you open an account. This is subject to credit checks of course. You can choose to pay off your balance in full every month, or just pay the minimum amount which is either 5% of your balance, or 5, depending which is greater. It can be a very flexible way of paying for things but bear in mind that the interest charges are over 37% APR, so if you only pay the minimum amount owed each month you will be paying much more than the advertised price. This is how catalogues make the real money off customers, with credit agreements. If used sensibly it can work in your favour, but you need to be aware of the facts before you decide to open an account.

Very Catalogue online

There are many departments to browse through on the website, such as men's and women's clothing, furniture, electrical items like televisions and gaming consoles, appliances, toys, games, nursery products, sportswear and equipment, gifts and jewellery. The ranges are very complete, with thousands of items in each department. The best selling goods, and the latest items are all available within these departments. Customer ratings will help you find the most popular items from the last month, so you can see what other people are going for. Designer labels are a main feature of the very UK catalogue, and all the well known makes are available at competitive prices. There is something for all tastes and budgets as well, due to the large amount of goods in each department. The very catalogue has lived up to the hype, and is one of the most comprehensive catalogues around, the prices are amongst the lowest on the internet, and the site is friendly and well laid out for customers. Very continues to grow, and the ranges get bigger, all told it is a great place to buy virtually anything you need.