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The littlewoods catalogue is the biggest online shopping catalogue in the UK, and has been around in one form or another for many years. In recent times the focus has been on the online catalogue, but you can still have a paper copy of the catalogue delivered to your door for free. Many people enjoy flicking through the pages and choosing their goods and services this way. If you sign up for a catalogue you also get money off your first order, which is a standard way of welcoming new customers to the business, most of the other well known companies do the same. The success that littlewoods has received is down to customer satisfaction and the wide range of products they sell.

I have bought quite a few things from littlewoods in the past and have always been happy with the delivery times and the prices. I am not a great fan of the store cards that all catalogue firms seem to push, so i just pay as i buy so i know where i am up to. The online site is very easy to use, and the pictures of the goods are very well laid out and clear to see. This helps customers to choose wisely, and get a better idea of what they are buying. The main focus is on men's and women's clothing, and littlewoods leads the way with fashion items at decent prices. You can buy all the designer labels if that is what you go for, but there are many other lower priced clothes on sale at any given time. Every item of clothing has a review, as do all the other products at littlewoods, and they are a very useful guide to buying, as most people read reviews before buying anything these days. You can also find out what is the most popular in each department, so you know what other people are buying.

As most people know littlewoods is owned by the shop direct group, who also own additions direct and littlewoods direct, which has recently changed names to become the very catalogue. This group has become very powerful in the online catalogue shopping retail sector, and they dominate with their bulk buying power and their customer service and flexible payment options. Most catalogues make their money from credit agreements which are offered to customers. These agreements can be a very good way of shopping and paying later, and most firms such as littlewoods will offer excellent deals for loyal customers. Accounts do help when money is tight, but beware of the interest charges before you do sign up, and read the small print very carefully before committing to it.

As far as buying other things go, then littlewoods has departments for furniture, electrical items such as appliances for the home, and w vast range of the latest televisions and gaming consoles. You can also buy gardening equipment such as tools and mowers, or more substantial items like patio furniture and sheds. For the sporty types you will find loads of indoor exercise machines like treadmills and rowers, as well as all the fitness accessories you will ever need. It is a tried and tested format that works very well, having thousands of items all on sale at the same place. You do not need to go looking around online for anything if you know where it is do you? The more things you buy, the better the deals become, and the discounts and special offers become better and better. It helps you save money in the long run, and as along as the choice is there, which it certainly is at littlewoods, then customers will keep coming back for more.

The delivery options are key to any successful business, and especially so online. People want their goods as fast as possible, and at a reasonable price too. Gone are the days of waiting in all day for something to arrive, you can now choose the time and day for delivery. Unlike most other catalogue stores, littlewoods offer free delivery on most smaller items such as clothing and textiles. This is the industry leading offer that nobody else can match. It is often the case that you see something online that is cheaper than on the high street, but when you add the delivery charge to the original price it suddenly gets higher than what you thought. This can be a pain sometimes because you have wasted your time getting to the final buying page after entering all your details only to find the delivery charge is too high. This is not the case at littlewoods, so credit to them for leading the way. Another option is the collect plus service which is also free to use. You can avoid any waiting around for delivery by using collect plus. It works by allowing you to pick up your order from a local store that is part of the collect plus network. This way you can pick up your goods at a convenient time, such as when you finish work, and it costs you nothing. You can even receive a text message to notify you when your goods have arrived at the collect store. Returns are also free, and for smaller items you simply take them back to the collect plus store and littlewoods will do the rest. Alternatively you can call for a van to come to your house and pick up your returns, and this is also free. To find out where your nearest collect plus store is located you can visit the website link from the littlewoods online catalogue site.

If you want next day delivery then it will cost around 7, which is the same price for Saturday delivery, and nominated day delivery. Things like cookers and televisions may cost more, but you can find out how much exactly when you place your order. Tracking the order is also available online, so you are kept up to date with the progress. All this is for the benefit of the customer, and is the main reason why so many people continue to shop at the littlewoods catalogue on a daily basis.

The online site is the best place to find all the latest deals and offers. It is constantly updated with the latest deals, which is not the case with the paper catalogue. As a result the online store has seen as massive increase in shoppers who are looking for the must have items at the best prices. Most people now go online to do their catalogue shopping, but still most of them have a paper copy at home to flick through as well. You have the best of both worlds doing this. All told, the  shopping experience is a good one. They have more things on sale then the rest, and very competitive prices to boot. A loyal following of thousands of shoppers is testament to their quality and care. The choices continue to grow each month as new stock is added, and when a new edition of the littlewoods catalogue comes out.