Asda Direct




Asda Direct is the online shopping catalogue from the well known supermarket chain asda. They have expanded into selling much more than just groceries, and now offer a wide and varied range of just about everything you can think of. They have an enviable reputation for providing products at low prices, with quality to match. Much like what tesco have done, they are seeking to expand their operations into other markets, and to not only compete with their rivals, but to beat them as well. By selling non food items such as televisions, appliances and clothing, they are now the direct competition for the likes of argos and the littlewoods catalogue. This has been done on purpose, and with the bulk buying capability that asda has, they can certainly compete on price and choice, which are the essential ingredients for any online retailers to succeed in very competitive markets.

The main asda direct website has the same colour scheme that you instantly associate with their stores all over the country, so you recognise where you are straight away. It also helps brand awareness for customers. The Direct site is just one small part of the asda operation online, as there are quite a few other sites such as the entertainment site, books, cd's, games, flowers, groceries and even contact lenses and mobile phones. All these different services offer competitive ranges and cheap prices, which are usually lower than you may find elsewhere. The choice of goods continues to rise, as asda are very keen to grow these new businesses on the internet. You will find the links to all these sites on the home page of the asda direct catalogue, which makes things more convenient and faster. 

One other main difference that asda has over the likes of argos is that they sell clothing on their site. The now famous George at asda range began in the larger  grocery shopping stores, and still feature to this day. The big attraction with this range is the price, with very low prices for all kinds of fashionable clothing, and essential bits like underwear and socks. The school uniforms on offer are a godsend to many parents, with a complete range of all you will need to keep the kids in clothing without costing the earth. The full George range can also be viewed and purchased at the direct web site, so if you happen to live near a smaller asda store, you can always find these low priced clothes online.

There are some very good discounts available from asda, such as money off your next shopping bill if you spend a certain amount at the direct web site. The clearance section is where all the best deals can be found, although there are not that many to choose from at present. This may well be because the prices are so low anyway. I do my shopping at asda, and they are the lowest priced supermarket by a mile. They have a great reputation, and the catalogue site is more of the same, with lower prices than most of their competitors. The choice is growing by the day, so you do need to keep logging on to find the recently added products. You need to be aware of who asda are targeting with their products, they are going after the hard working families who don't earn that much monthly income. These people need to budget to make ends meet, and the low prices are very welcome. This is the reality of modern day living in the UK, so it is good that these products are available for budget shoppers. 

Other departments in the asda catalogue are toys and games, motoring and do it yourself equipment, jewellery and sports and leisure. All these departments can be shopped by price, brand or by bestseller. The site is simple to navigate and easy to use, you will have no problem getting lost on the direct site as you can always hit the home button and start over again. Asda do not offer credit on their items, you need to pay by credit or debit card on the site. Delivery is very efficient, and because asda has so many stores you can use the click and collect service for smaller items. This is free on orders over 25, so if you want to save on the cost of home delivery, then choose this option. It also makes sure you don't have to wait in all day for delivery. A great new initiative, this is being used more and more by the big name players in the retail sector. When you shop with asda you are shopping with a well trusted and recognised brand. The food shopping business is the foundation for all these other ventures. I have never had any problems at all with asda, they offer value, choice and low prices. This is now being transferred to the direct catalogue, which is a growing business that is likely to succeed above its competition. All told, asda look after their customers very well, and this is becoming more important than ever these days. When value and choice are added to this combination then you have the complete online catalogue store.