Argos UK has it's fingers in many pies these days. This is reflected in the many new Argos services available, bearing the Argos name, including, Argos loans, Argos home insurance, Argos car insurance, Argos pet insurance, Argos travel insurance and other travel services such as airport parking and hotels.

Argos home insurance offers you a 30% discount off the price of your cover  if you have 5 years no claims. If  you take out buildings and content insurance together you could save another 12%. Now, if you also happen to have Argos car insurance you can then get an extra 5% discount on top of all that! Argos throws this in, hoping you will end up purchasing all your insurance cover with them so you can get money off. I would look into this before you start buying all their services to see if it works out cheaper. What does the Argos home insurance cover? You receive automatic cover for your keys, and up to 1000 to cover any locksmith's charges for replacement locks and keys (per year). You get up to 3 days car hire if you are stranded due to loss or theft of your keys, and you are covered if your keys break in the lock or if you lock your keys in your house( easily done!) There is also legal cover of up to 50,000.


Argos car insurance offers you up to 70% off the price of your cover if you have 9 years no claims. ( a hell of lot of no claims) If you have Argos home insurance you get an added 5% discount. Note that this works both ways, i.e., you get a discount on home insurance if you have car insurance. As standard with your insurance you will receive new car replacement ( if your car is written off and is less than 1 year old), you get legal protection up to 50,000. You also get 90 days foreign travel cover and emergency medical expenses. Argos car insurance also has the key care protection scheme which basically covers you if you lose your keys. There is an incident report service with the number you need to dial if you do have an accident.


Argos pet insurance has 3 levels of cover, silver, gold and platinum. It will cost you different amounts for a cat, dog, or pedigree dog. For example, the silver level cover for a cat is 3.79 per month, compared to the gold level cover for a pedigree dog which costs 10.92. If you want platinum level cover then you need to call Argos for a more detailed quote. Incidentally, these prices relate to pets aged under 4 years. They do insure pets older than 4 years but again, you will have to call for a detailed quote. The cover includes legal fees, vet's fees and any help with any costs involved with advertising for lost or stolen pets. Click on the link at the top of the page to apply for Argos pet insurance.


Argos travel insurance now has a separate online web site called You get an extra 5% discount if you apply online. Individual  cover for one year costs from 42.74, couples from 71.72 and you can also get single trip cover from just 6.64. The benefits available with Argos travel insurance include single trip cover from 3-31 days, muti trip cover for Europe and worldwide. Extra cover is available for winter sports and business trips. Additional cover is available for hazardous sports. This type of cover is extremely competitive so shop around for the best deal you can get.


Argos has teamed up with A.P.H., Travelex, Last, and the R.A.C. to offer some great discounts on travel. You can save 25% on airport parking if you pre-book with A.P.H.  You can also get commission free travel money delivered direct to your door (nothing is ever commission free, trust me) this sounds too good to be true, how can Argos make money if they give you commission free money and then have it delivered to you? (read the small print on this one). If you sign up with Argos travel services you can get roadside assistance from the R.A.C from around 36.


You can apply for an Argos loan which has an APR of 6.9% (typical 11.4%) for loans of 5000. This is probably the most competitive market there is, so please shop around for the best deal you can. As far as I can see Argos loans are not any different from all the other loan companies out there.


Argos extra stores are the flagship stores that sell the most stock. They have the full range of the all products in the catalogue, and are the biggest sized shops you will see on the high street. You can order online and have your items delivered to any argos extra store and there is no charge for this service. Many of the larger goods such as televisions and sofas are at these stores.