Additions Direct is the new name for Argos Additions. Argos Additions was bought in 2004 by Littlewoods Home Shopping, who are the very popular mail order catalogue retailers. The result of this was the name change from Argos Additions to Additions Direct. What does this name change mean? Well it would appear that there is a  broader range of products in the Additions Direct catalogue than you will find in the standard Argos catalogue. The emphasis is on more fashion and homeware products, which really is the basis of the Littlewoods catalogue.

In 2005, Littlewoods merged with Shop Direct (which used to be G.U.S) to provide even more choice for home catalogue shopping, this merger has proved very successful, with an annual turnover of 2 billion. The group is owned by the Barclay brothers who also happen to own the Daily Telegraph. Additions Direct has now become one of the largest catalogues in the UK.

At Additions Direct you will find a massive choice of women's fashion, men's fashion, footwear, sportswear, furniture and homeware, and lots of stuff for the kids as well, with the "back to school" range. Despite the growing clothing lines there is also a great choice of electrical products such as fridges, washing machines, plasma TV's and camcorders in the catalogue. Recently, Additions Direct have added their own home interior range, with dining, lighting and bedding ideas.

Shopping at the Additions Direct web site is very simple and straightforward. Just click on the item you want and it will automatically be added to your shopping basket. You can easily check the contents of your basket at any time, and if you change your mind about buying any product you just click the "remove item" button, and the item will be removed from your shopping basket. You can pay for any thing you buy at Additions Direct with your credit card, or you could sign up for the Additions Direct plus account. Using the direct plus account gives you more flexibility when you pay for your goods. Please be aware that the APR on this card is a whopping 29.8% if you choose to pay the minimum amount due on your account.

However, you can still pay the amount due in one go, or you can opt for the 3 months interest opt out plan. Using this facility means that you can pay off your account in 3 months and avoid paying any interest at all. I reckon that this is the best way to use this card. If you do choose to only pay the minimum amount due each month, then be aware that you could be subjected to charges if you miss a payment or if you cheque bounces. These charges range from 5 to 15, so be sure to check the small print before you sign up for the Additions Direct plus account.

Delivery charges are 3.50 for smaller items, no matter how big the order, and they will usually be delivered in 48 hours. There is also the option of next day delivery which will cost you 6.45, and specified day delivery, which costs the same. Larger items such as electricals and flat packed furniture have longer delivery times, ranging from 2 to 6 weeks, and delivery prices range from 15 up to 70. My advice is to check the price and delivery time before you decide to buy larger items. You may find a better deal somewhere else online.

Additions Direct also offer other financial services including Account Cover Plus, which offers up to 3 years protection on your catalogue purchases, and also protects your payments should you run into problems. You can also get extended warranties and  phonecare and furniture insurance. Make sure you read the information about extended warranties and store cards on this web site before you take out these options.

All in all, it seems that  the Additions Direct catalogue is a resounding success, offering more products and more discounts than the standard Argos catalogue. Additions Direct gives you a quick and very easy way to shop online, which will save you time and money.