Tesco Direct




Tesco Direct is the new online catalogue from the well known tesco shopping brand. They are one of the biggest companies in the UK, and generate huge profits and sales on a daily basis through their many different operations. In the past 10 years they have branched out from their food shopping business to all sorts of other lucrative markets, and now have a heavy online presence in the form of the tesco direct website. This is an attempt to compete with the other big name brands such as argos and the other well known catalogues like littlewoods. The site is fairly new in its conception, but it has all the makings of being successful. The variety of goods and services on offer is growing by the week, and the prices are amongst the lowest you will find anywhere. This is what tesco has built its reputation on, providing good quality items at low prices.

Another important aspect that tesco has going for it is the strong brand reputation they already have. This has been gained over many years, and all the new markets that they venture into are backed up by this strong commitment to customer service and experience. This gives tesco an immediate advantage over its competitors, and they have now begun to realise this fact and act upon it. The result is a wide choice of services that are equal, and in most cases better than the rest. They have the resources and the know how to compete in any market these days, and of course they also have the capacity to buy huge quantities of stock at very low prices, which is the magic formula for success in retail shopping online and elsewhere.

The Direct website has a clean and functional look about it, with grey graphics and colours. It follows the standard format for an online catalogue, with the departments contained in tabs across the top and the side bar, and features all the latest deals and sale items in direct view of the visitor. This is designed to grab the attention as quickly as possible, and tesco does a good job of this on their site. You do not have much scope for attracting potential custom in the limited space available on a webpage, so by highlighting your best deals, you maximise the appeal of what is contained in the inner pages, ie, low priced goods and lots of them. At the bottom of the homepage are links to important information such as delivery and returns.

Tesco Direct focuses on electrical items, furniture, garden equipment, gifts and appliances. However, some of the departments open to a different site. For example, there is a link for clothing which takes you to the tesco clothing website. You can also buy mobile phones, but the big difference to the other catalogue stores is that tesco actually have their own mobile phone network, as well as just selling handsets. This shows the rate of progression they have recently been through. In fact, tesco direct is just one cog in the wheel, and if you visit the tesco.com main website you will find that they offer banking services, grocery shopping, entertainment, such as books and cd's, clothing, mobile phones, and insurance services. This is huge operation, and it is all available at the touch of a button.

The choice is pretty large, even at this early stage, for example there are around 100 washing machines currently on offer, which is more than most others have in their ranges. It is also obvious that tesco direct is competing against argos because there are quite a few references to how much cheaper they are than argos. The type and range of products on sale is almost exactly the same as in the argos catalogue, and tesco knows this, after all they have decided that they are going to try and take the market share off argos, and are doing a decent job of it already. They probably have more buying power than argos, so can offer cheaper items in the long run. Of course the real winners are the customers who shop online because they will enjoy lower prices for the foreseeable future.

With each department you can shop by price or by brand, and another benefit is that you earn club card points on any purchase, which can use to get even more money off anything you buy later on with tesco. This is like a reward or loyalty scheme, and it has proved to be a big success for man years. All the products are clearly laid out, and the site is very easy to use and find whatever you are looking for in no time at all. This is a key factor in the world of online shopping because people want things fast and easy or they will go elsewhere. You have to provide a good customer experience, along with offering competitive prices and ranges of goods. By catering to all budgets, the tesco direct catalogue attracts a wider range of shoppers, so there is something to suit everyone. You can also read reviews of all the products on sale, which gives you a good indication of what others think before you buy. They are all unbiased as well, which adds more credibility to the whole buying process. The aim is for tesco to provide quality goods all the time, so if they are failing you will know about it. This acts like a kick to make sure they improve, and is always good for customers.

Delivery is another vital point for ant online operation. People want their order to be delivered quickly and efficiently, without any problems. Tesco offers their click and collect service, which has totally transformed internet shopping over the past few years. You can place your order online and then pick up the order from your nearest store for free. This allows you to choose the best time for yourself, and avoids any waiting in at home, or having to take a day off work to receive your items. You can of course choose home delivery, and this costs 5 for next day options, which is cheaper than what argos charge. Bigger goods such as cookers and fridges will cost more, buy you will be provided with the delivery dates and the charges when you place your order. All orders can be tracked as well, so you instantly know what is going on.

The tesco direct catalogue is a well thought out, and easy to use site. It offers some of the lowest priced goods on the internet, and is backed up with great customer focused service and attention to detail. All the big name brands are available, and the choice is growing by the week. It is a very slick operation that will continue to improve in the years ahead. The many other services are what make tesco stand out from the rest , and the strong brand name and reputation means you can rely on them at all times. The tesco direct catalogue is going from strength to strength, with better ranges and even lower prices, so take a look for yourself, you will pleasantly surprised.