Next Directory Catalogue




The Next Directory catalogue is one of the most popular catalogues around. Next have expanded their business over the last decade to not only sell their famous lines of clothing, but also homeware and furniture, electrical items, and a wide range of other useful stuff. Their website is one of the most visited sites in the UK, and is also one of the most user friendly and interactive sites. It has a real quality feel about it that their competitors just don't seem to have, and this has no doubt increased their sales. As well as the online operation, Next also have many high street stores, which is how their business was founded, and is still the core of their trading efforts.

You can order a copy of the Next directory from their site, although this is not free. The reason is because it is very professional, in hardback, and with superior pictures and pages. It is a quality item to look at, and again, it is better than the other catalogue retailers produce, which puts Next one step ahead of the rest. The main focus of the directory is on clothing, as this is what Next are most known for. They have a very good range of their own branded clothes for men and women, girls and boys. The prices are very competitive, and this is how Next became so popular in the last decade, they offer something different, with a quality feel to all the clothes. However, you can also buy other brand names at Next, so if you are after the latest fashions then you will certainly find something to suit you. Many of their high street stores are clothes focused, and we have all seen the clamour from consumers when the latest sale is on, with people camping out overnight to be the first to get a bargain.

The Next website is by far the best looking site of all the online retailers, and the pictures are interactive features are second to none. All the furniture items are represented as though they are in your own room, so you don't just get a stand alone picture of the items, you get a full blown room with them in it. This certainly helps to give customers a better idea of what they will actually look like when set up in the home. You can even click on each product for a more detailed look, and the prices are also in full view. Another bonus is that all of the products that Next sell are quality goods. They are focused on the more affluent shopper, with designer ranges to cater for bigger budgets. Their is more profit in selling luxury things compared to selling cheaper products. They have always done this, and have carved out a significant niche in the home shopping sector that works really well for them.

You can shop by price, product or collection on the website. Each picture can also be zoomed in for more detail, so you get a very good idea of what you are buying. It is also very easy to navigate around the site, with all the departments in tabs at the top of every page. When you click on them they give you a bigger menu containing other items in the department. The homepage is also available from every page, so if you get lost or stuck you can quickly find your way back in no time.

When you place an order at the Next directory catalogue you can choose to open a Next account. This can be ordered with your first purchase and it costs 3.95. You can opt to not bother with one, but you will then have to pay the same amount for delivery, so you might as well go for a copy of the directory. This is a very clever way of getting the catalogue out there to customers. Once you have an account you will get a host of benefits such as interest free shopping if you pay off your balance by the end of the month. You also get access to free delivery, which works by allowing customers to pick up their order from their nearest Next store. This click and collect service was made popular by argos a few years ago, and is a real bonus for online shoppers because it is free to use. The customer wins on two fronts, one because it is free, and two because you can pick up your items at a time that is most convenient for you. The days of waiting in all day for goods from the internet are now gone, and as most Next stores are open till late in the evening it is simple to call in from work and get your purchase then.

Other features from Next are the newsletter, which keeps you bang up to date with all the latest fashion trends and new ranges on offer. You are sent an email each week and this is also free. There are also many exclusive internet only deals and promotions that are available to account holders, and you can save a whole of money on these deals throughout the year. The offers section contains the discounted items for every month, and is where the real bargains can be found. If you sign up for the flexible account then you are entitled to quite a few additional benefits that regular shoppers at Next do not get. One is that you can view all the sale items, and buy them before they actually go on sale. Another benefit is that the Next Directory is sent to you each season for free. All you need to do is just pay of the amount due on your balance before the end of each month and you are good to go.

So what are the ranges like at Next? Well the choice is not as big as with the others, such as the littlewoods catalogue, which has the biggest product range of anyone, but there is still a good amount on offer. The focus is on quality rather than quantity, and you will find all the major brand names for electrical items and televisions for example. To make things easier, you can shop by size, brand, or price, which really speeds up the buying process no end. And again, the detail of the pictures of all products in very good indeed.

The Next Directory is one of the best catalogues online that i have seen. I have shopped quite a lot from Next in the past, and have always found their service and delivery to be top notch. The goods they sell are good quality items, and you can see the care and attention they take over choosing them. The website is certainly a step ahead of the rest in terms of usability and overall quality. The graphics and interactive features are also a step ahead of their competitors. Signing up for a Next account will bring you many useful benefits, and is well worth going for, just remember to pay off the balance on time and you will be fine. And finally, if you do make an order from the Next website, always try to take advantage of the free delivery option by picking up your order from your nearest Next store, you will save even more money.