The Argos  catalogue is packed with great gift ideas at great prices. Argos invests heavily on advertising their products in the UK national press and online because there are so many bargains in their catalogue. The buying power of Argos means they can pass these savings onto us- the customers!






We have all seen the fancy adverts from Argos on TV and the daily advertisements in the UK national press, but what is the customer service like? There is no denying that the range and price of their products is very good- they would not be so successful if they weren't up to standard. I have bought numerous items from the Argos superstore in the past and from my own personal experience I have never had any trouble with the products and the customer service. Whilst the concept of shopping that Argos follows should be very straightforward, i.e., (bring out a catalogue of products and then ship them to your door) the problems start to begin when you have so many products and a large demand for them. The logistics that Argos face are massive- so much stock and so much transportation, not a day goes by when I don't see an Argos van or truck on the UK roads. I wonder just how many orders are placed at Argos extra, online and at their superstores each and every day- thousands.



Your order is just one tiny cog in the wheel and it is inevitable that errors and mistakes will happen. Argos have an advantage over most of the other catalogue retailers in that they have a high street presence, you can physically go to their stores and do your shopping there. The advent of the internet has given Argos a huge boost, there used to be no fun in going to the local Argos superstore at xmas. I am sure you have all been there as well! Trying to find a space to look in the catalogue, then trying to find a pen that works! After that you end up waiting ages to place your order, and then have to wait some more until you finally receive it. This of course is if the item you want is in stock. That was then, this is now, and in the past few years argos have really improved both the look at the service of all their stores, and they have created a much better environment to shop in. The long queues have gone, and  you can find out if your item is in stock in seconds.  This shows how much progress Argos has made in the past few years.



Now this may sound a bit critical but it is the truth. This is why the internet has helped not only Argos but all of us lot as well. Shopping online  has grown and grown each and every year. The very first item purchased online by secure encryption was a cd! HALF of the UK's adult population shopped online for xmas 2005 and between April 2000 and December 2005, Uk online shopping has grown 2,600%! In 2005 UK consumers spent 19.2 billion, 32% more than in 2004 and the 2006 forecast predicts that UK shoppers will spend 26 billion, with over 25 million of us shopping online! This proves beyond doubt that more and more of us do not want to trudge around city centres at xmas only to find that the items we want are not in stock, whilst waiting in long queues and getting "shopping rage"!

Argos.( who were owned by GUS plc), have also profited from this sales boom. Their profits in 2004 were 827 million, and in 2005 they had grown to 910 million as a group. Since 2006 the Argos business has changed .Argos superstore plan to open a further 150 stores in the UK by 2009, most of them in retail parks, out of town- so you don't have to pay for parking. Incidentally, 9% of all transactions were by the Argos store card. Most catalogue and retail firms use store cards to give customers the chance to buy now and pay later. If used correctly they are a great way to balance the cost of shopping. However you need to be aware of the interest charges before you take out this option. Like most companies, argos advertise their store card, as it is an opportunity to make more money on a purchase. It is standard practice these days, but you still have the option not to use it.

After looking at many reviews about the Argos superstore online, it appears that there is a wide variety, ranging from excellent to very poor( I will never do my shopping at Argos again, to excellent service, first class) I think this kind of feedback is standard for a large company because you lose the personal touch that you get with a small company who only deal with a small amount of customers. Yet this is the major point in buying anything from anyone- if you are happy with the product and the customer service then you will go back and use them again. "The customer is always right" well not all the time, but most of the time! Think about this though, Argos is by far the most popular retail store in the UK, and this is testament to their service.



This customer service leads to people telling others, either by word of mouth, or on an internet forum, all about their experience in dealing with Argos or any other company, as I have seen, some good, some bad. Think about this though, as Argos superstore continues to expand and open more stores with more products at lower prices, it can only be of benefit to consumers. Their business model is unique in the UK, as no other company has such a high street presence, and a strong online presence. This multi channel operation serves the needs of the customers better than the other retailers do. Their catalogue is a national institution, and the choice is second to none. The combination of thousands of products at low prices is the key to its success, and many others have tried and failed to recreate what Argos have been doing for years.

As with all forms of online shopping there is the consideration of delivery times, and Argos faces the same problems as any other retailer. Many people seem to be unhappy with the time they have to wait for the goods and then taking a day off work to sit in and wait all day for the good to arrive, I can think of nothing worse than doing this, what a waste of a day! Unfortunately, this problem will not go away, as our roads get ever more busy, delays are inevitable, and we pay the price. Even if you go shopping at your local Argos store and order a large item it will still have to be delivered. However, the click and collect service introduced by argos is a great idea. It also saves on delivery charges, which can only be a good thing. Many people are now using it, and rightly so. Other Argos advances in delivery are the nominated day service, and the next day service on selected items. You can even pick a nominated time for delivery, and this helps out with any waiting time, which used to be a problem in the past. Argos listens to its customers, and adjusts its services to give them the most efficient service.

The Argos UK online catalogue and their superstores do offer a huge range of stuff at competitive prices and I reckon that you will be unfortunate if you have any problems when shopping with them, or any other online store. It can be very frustrating when problems do arise, so my advice is to go on the internet forums and voice your anger, it may not solve the problem, but it will make you feel better!! 

Argos are  struggling a little bit at the moment, as are most other retailers due to the credit crunch. However, argos extra has still managed to make profit increases. The one saving grace is the new  argos catalogue 2010, which comes out in July. This should help to increase the profits, but it is more important than ever that it offers low priced goods, or people will just not buy them. A look at the wide range of new products on offer, and the new value ranges shows that Argos have delivered with the new catalogue.




  You will find all the top branded electrical names at Argos including :-

Apple, Duracell, Goodmans, Hitachi, JVC, Kenwood, Maxell, Panasonic, Phillips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Technics, Thomson, Venturer, Warfedale and many more at the lowest prices guaranteed.

With over 500 products always on special offer you can choose from batteries, CD players, radios, DVDplayers, DAB digital radios, digital TV and freeview, headphones, home audio, in car entertainment,  MP3 and MP4 players, plasma TV, LCD TV and many more at Argos. And remember, Argos only charge 5.95 for delivery, no matter how many items you order.


The argos superstore catalogue is published twice a year, with the spring/summer edition in January and the autumn/winter one in July. Customers are offered a multi-channel approach to shopping via stores, through the website and over the telephone:

  • In-store - Customers can browse the argos catalogue , check stock availability, pay for and collect their goods.
  • Online-Via the website - Through its award winning website, customers can browse and purchase goods from the argos catalogue or reserve items online for store pick up .
  • Over the telephone - Customers can check stock availability and reserve goods by calling argos, sending  a text message or by using Vodafone Live!

Argos superstore also offers a home delivery service through Argos Direct which will deliver any products from the  argos catalogue throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. Delivery is free over 100 spent.

Built-in hobs & ovens, Cooker hoods and accessories, Dual fuel, Electric cookers, Gas, Range cookers.
Full-size, Slimline and counter-top dishwashers.
Fridges and freezers
American style fridge freezers, Freezers, Fridge freezers, Fridges, Mini fridges, Wine coolers.
Heaters and coolers
Air coolers, Ceramic heaters, Convector heaters, Dehumidifiers and ionisers, Fan heaters, Fans, Fireside accessories, Fuel effect fires and fireplaces, Oil filled radiators, Slimline heaters.


Steam generator, Steam, Travel irons, Trouser presses and steam presses.
Corded, Cordless, Travel kettles.
Combination, Manual control, With grill, Touch control microwaves.
Sewing machines
Brother, Janome, Singer, Toyota Sewing machines.


Small kitchen appliances
Blenders and mixers, Breadmakers, Coffee machines, Electrical kitchen gadgets, Food processors, Fryers, Health grills, Juicers, Kitchen multi-packs, Party kitchen products, Slow cookers and ovens, Steamers.
Two slice, Four slice, Sandwich toasters, Panini presses.
Vacuum cleaners
Carpet, Cylinder bagless, Cylinder with bags, Hand-held, Steam, Upright bagless, Upright with bags, accessories, dust bags, Wet and dry cleaners.
Washers and dryers
Condensing, Vented tumble dryers, Washer dryers, Washing machines.


Dining tables, sofas, coffee tables, tub chair, kitchen units, bedroom furniture.